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Stanton A. Tubb

Stanton Tubb is an award winning, Landscape photographer whose work focuses on the Earth, Water, Sky, and on the signs of Man.

"A sense for photography may come from many sources. As a child my loving mom and aunts encouraged me to color and draw. My dad being in the wooden parts manufacturing and timber business showed me the beauty of the forest. All had a special draw which influenced my love of the arts and the many beauties this world has to offer. Then someone gave me a camera and it clicked. My family and the opportunities to travel and see beautiful places inspired and heightened the joy of creating artistic photography which opened my eyes to see the beauty in the little things."

Born: Decatur, Alabama, 1944

Permanent Collections: Tennessee State Museum. Cumberland Heights Foundation

Awards:  Nashville Arts Magazine Photo Contest, 2016. 4 place "Rolling Hills of Tennessee." State Fair: Best of Show, 2013: 3-1st places, 1-3rd place. Williamson County Fair, 2012: 3-1st places, 1-2nd place. Nashville Arts Magazine Photo Contest, 2011: 1st place “Waiting for Better Days.” Honorable mention - “Senate Seat.”

Exhibitions: Sotheby's, Brentwood Photography Group, SNAP, Society of Nashville Artist Photographers, Chromatics, Vanderbilt, Playhouse, McMinnville Magness Library.

Charities: {Through Brentwood Photograph Group - all proceeds go to the charities) Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, Brightstone, Susan G. Komen, Viva la Diva Run, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Benton Hall Academy, A Vintage Affair, Chukkers for Charity, WAVES

Education: Castle Heights Military Academy, 1962. David Lipscomb University, Business Management, 1966. Harvard Business School, SCMP, 1980.

Sizes and Prices:  The portfolio of fine art - artistic photography of the South and out West.  Black & White photographs offer a certain mystery and attraction that takes us out of our normal environment of color. I attempt to increase this feeling by adding a little of the unknown such as roads and paths to somewhere.

All Images in the collection are on toned Baryta halide archival fine art cotton prints, matted at 16" x 20". All editions are signed, named, and matted. Framed in a custom American Black Walnut Frame for $150 or $170 depending on size.

All images are available based on the approximate size of the print. All images are matted to the to next larger size. Some framed.

Approximate     Matted          Framed in Walnut (16 X20)

8 X 10                $60.00               $150.00

11 x 14                 $80.00               $170.00

12 x 18                $150.00

18 x 20               $200.00

Thank you!

Contact for prices of specific pieces. Call: (615) 439-7311 or feel free to get in touch.

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